Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 9th

Nicole and I spent the day together. We headed for the center of town where I was able to get my first Starbucks coffee! I decided to try out my spanish by ordering my "regular", a decaf skinny vanilla coffee. Nicole was standing away from me so I could experience the joy of conversing with my Argentine amigos. When I saw the girl pull out two cups and start writing something on each, I knew we were experiencing a communication break down. I pulled Nicole over and she clarified my order!

We boarded a bus to partake in a city tour. For just under $7, we got to sit on the top of a double decker bus and listen to a pre-recorded tour of the city. Very cool. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city with amazing architecture. The European influence is everywhere. We caught a glimpse of their "sundial bridge". Hopefully I get to walk across it before we leave!

There were 12 locations that we could have jumped off at and done some exploring, but time only allowed us 2 stops. It started off as a beautiful sunny day in BA. We visited Boca, where the world famous Boca Jr Futbol stadium is located. Lots of artisans selling their wares. We bought some and I got to taste one of the Argentine favorites: alfajor. It's pronounced alpha-whore. I was a bit concerned, but it was a sugar delight!

Our next stop was the Recoleta cemetary. We grabbed something to eat first. By the time we were done, the weather had changed dramatically, and it was pouring down rain. We had to skip the cemetary and head home.

Nicole and her friends had plans to attend La Bamba - a concert/dance across town. I wasn't up for the drive/adventure. So instead I'm at home getting caught up on correspondence and packing for the next two weeks.

Tomorrow we spend the day in Uruguay. After that we head south to Patagonia for almost two weeks. Hopefully the internet is available and we can share our adventures!


  1. I'm just curious. How much is a starbucks coffee there?

  2. I have no idea! I was so embarrassed by the event that I didn't pay attention! I think our two coffees and 2 pastries cost $46 pesos - about $11 US. I'll have to look if I find another Starbucks.

  3. My I phone tells me there is at least 13 Starbucks in town. Here is the list:
    Shopping Alto Palermo – Arenales & Av. Coronel Díaz (Palermo)
    Av. Federico Lacroze 2301 – corner of 3 de Febrero (Belgrano)
    Callao 702 – corner of Viamonte (Centro)
    Avenida Elcano 3179 (Belgrano R)
    Malabia 1738 (Palermo Soho)
    Calle Florida (Florida, at the corner of Rivadavia)
    Abasto Shopping Mall Corrientes 3247
    Dot Shopping Center (Melian Avenue and the Panamerican highway)
    Dot Shopping Center (Melian Avenue and the Panamerican highway)
    Patio Bullrich Shopping Mall (Posadas 1245)
    Comodoro Rivadavia and Libertador (Nuñez)
    Galerías Pacífico Shopping Mall (near Cordoba and Florida, downtown)
    Unicenter (coming soon) (Martínez)

    The closest Starbucks in Uruguay is in BA (see the above list)

    There is a little gem of a coffee stand called "Star Yaks" But it involves milking a coffee bean eating Yak named Esther. The strength of the Latte depends on Esthers bean consumption. I suggest warming your fingers first unless you want an Iced Latte. Fair warning though Esther doesn't like doing the Iced Latte trick. According to my I phone.