Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov 10th (second half)

After not getting to travel to Urugay, Nicole started a mad search in her apartment for her student visa. Couldn´t find it! She decided to visit the University that she had attended and get a copy of the copy that she had given them. She talked to the attendant at the school. He told her that she might have to pay $300 pesos when she tries to leave Argentina to head home. He suggested that she give them the copy and play dumb and hope they don´t notice that it was a copy. I guess in 2 weeks we´ll find out how that story ends!

We met up with Nicole´s "friend" Inuk to spend our last night in BA at a good restaurant. According to Trip Advisor, the #1 place was La Cabarara. We were in an area that was new to Nicole. She was doing a great job of following the bus map. At the last minute she said, we have to get off here. Once we jumped off the bus she realized she had left her phone on the bus! GRRR! No phone and we were heading on a two week trip! We got to the restaurant at 8:20 - early for a Tuesday dinner. We were asked if we had reservations. Nope. So we had to wait. At some point, perhaps 9 or so, we asked how much longer. "Just a moment". We sat down to eat at about 10. The only saving grace is they opened champagne and brought out sausage for those waiting. The food was awesome! We ordered one ribeye and it was more than enough for the 3 of us.

To bed at 12 so we could get up early for our flight to Patagonia.

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