Saturday, November 14, 2009

Nov 12th (evening edition)

After a long day hiking on the ice, we headed to the airline office to find out about getting a payment for the delayed luggage. After an hour wait they gave EACH of us 100 pesos. We left victorious - especially since Nicole´s luggage had shown up the night of our arrival.
We shared a wonderful dinner and headed home for much needed rest. Along the way I started feeling a bit uneasy. I thought it was too much food.
We collapsed in bed and I lay there hoping it was just too much food.
After several restless hours, I felt the need to use the restroom.
As I stood there looking at the toilet, I had a sudden urge - to kneel down and "pray". 4 long "verses".
I did feel a bit better. Went back to bed. I spent the rest of the night feeling a bit feverish and worried that the swine flu had found me. I ruled out food poisoning because we had split the meal in half.

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