Monday, November 16, 2009

Nov 16th

Today we took it easy in the morning. Coffee and pastry for breakfast.

We drove with our British friends to Penninsula Valdez. We booked ourselves onto a whale watching tour. For $30, we joined 15 others on a small zodiak boat. The bay that we toured in was FULL of whales - moms and babies. Amazing how close we got to them. At one point we thought the whales were headed straight for the boat! We got lots of pictures of whales and whale tails, but none of them jumping. We saw several, but they were off a bit and never when the camera was ready.

After viewing the whales we drove around the penninsula to view a colony of sea lions. They were actually sea elephants. Pretty cool to see, but they are very lazy and I didn´t get too many action shots.

I have to make a comment about our foreign friends that we are meeting. There are quite a few travelers from England and Germany. We are blown away when we talk to these people about their travel plans. I´m lucky enough to have a 3 week vacation, and thought others would be impressed as well. Not really. Most of these travelers have 2, 3, or 4 months of travel. The British couple spent a couple of weeks in Brazil before coming to Argentina. They are here for a couple of weeks then off to Chile. Then Peru. I think after that they are visiting southeast asia. They have to be back to work in February. They take time off from work without pay for these vacations. But I´m not sure how they can afford to travel that long and only work 9 or 10 months each year. We asked them where they´ve travled previously. I think just about every major continent was named - at least once. Kinda makes my trips to the Oregon coast and to Eureka seem a bit boring!

Tomorrow not much scheduled. Perhaps it will be an actual ¨vacation¨ day! Our bus to San Carlos de Bariloche leaves at 9 pm. We´ll spend the day relaxing, touring the town, and maybe see a movie!

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  1. Teri you guys are doing so much in such a short time...pat yourself on the back! It takes a ton of energy as you know. sounds awesome, great posts, thank you- very fun to imagine it all. Bariloche is supposed to be gorgeous gorgeous. can't wait to hear about it.