Monday, November 9, 2009

Nov 8th

The second day was much more relaxing. Nicole lives near Chinatown. In the morning we walked to the local market and bought groceries: Nicole is now an accomplished chef and was going to cook dinner for me!

People in Buenos Aires LOVE dogs. You see them everywhere. There are even paid dog walkers. I learned a valuable lesson today: there are lots of street vendors, flower booths, and magazine stands. NEVER buy anything that is low to the ground. I think I witnessed at least 3 dogs relieving themselves on the "goods".

Early afternoon we took the bus to the Sunday street fair. It was like an arts and crafts fair merged with a flea market. It had to be at least 10 blocks long. There was a stage where performances were held. Lots of leather, silver, woven items, food, and PEOPLE! I found various gift items - including Argentine cigars for mi american amigos!!

We rode the bus home. The bus system here is awesome - that is, IF you know where you're going and where the correct bus stand is! Buenos Aires is a very large, sprawling city. Every time we ride the bus, it seems like a 45 minute to 1 hour ride. The cost of that ride? 30 cents! Not bad.

Back at the apartment we decided to go to a local park that was rumored to hold Tango shows at night. So, at 8:30 pm Nicole ventured off. It turned out to be a rumor. We came home and Nicole cooked dinner for us. I think it was close to 10:30 pm when we sat down to eat. Fabulous food!

My goal for day 3 is to eat dinner before 8:00!


  1. So how far off of the ground was the shelf that you got the cigars from?

  2. good luck with that early dinner idea!

    when in Rome...