Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nov 12th

Today we had a big excursion planned. Armed with my rented warm clothing, we were off to hike on the glaciers.

I can´t explain how awesome this experience was. We took hundreds of photos. We´ll have to share them when we return. It rained a bit at the beginning. We got to see the ice break away from the glacier several times. Might have caught it on film once.

Today made up for yesterday and made it worth the trip to what is sure to be the furthest south that I will ever go!

When we returned at 5 pm to the hostel, the lady said my bag did not arrive. Oh the agony!
I went to our room to have a melt down. Nicole looked on the bottom bunk - almost a more beautiful sight than the glaciers was my luggage!

A warm shower, clean clothes, civilization!
I´d never survive Survivor. I need my belongings!!

We are headed to the town of El Calafate for a well deserved dinner. From what we saw last night, the town is very quaint. It reminds me of a smaller Tahoe. We walked by several restaurants that had a fire pit and animals roasting over the fire. We licked our lips last night, but tonight we will eat like queens!!

We are having a blast. Tomorrow we board a luxury bus at 3 pm. We will arrive in Puerto Madryn the following day around 1 pm. I´ll try to post later.

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