Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Nov 23

Nicole and I shared a coffee at an upstairs cafe. That, along with some pastries, was this mornings breakfast.

We took a bus to the Recoleta area and visited the Recoleta cemetery. Doesn't sound too interesting, but it's actually a famous cemetery where all the wealthy and famous are buried. The tombs are laid out in way that resembles a city street network. Hundreds of tombs, closely spaced, and very intricate. Some look like miniature gothic cathedrals, others like greek temples. Very impressive!

We met up with Nicole's friends and visited the MALBA museum (modern art). They were featuring work by Andy Warhol, "Mr. America".

After that we went for our daily dose of ice cream. It was a smaller, non-chain, store, but the flavor choices were numerous.

I attempted to impress Nicole at home by making some sort of meat with vegies for tacos. Three probles: we were short on time, her apartment was not equipped with a sharp knife, and the meat I purchased was more of a roast and couldn't be cut into small pieces. In the end it was a healthy meal. Just not what I planned for!

We dressed up and headed out to a local favorite: La Bomba. It's like the drummers of Marketfeast gone professional and about 100 times as many people attending! Lots of "hippies" selling things such as jewelry, pipes, and brownies! Insane amount of energy at the dance. We had a blast.

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