Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Nov 24

Today we decided to visit Casa Rosada - The Pink House. It's kinda like our White House, but pink. Unfortunately, tours of the house and the adjacent museum were canceled because they are undergoing renovations for next year's centennial celebration.

Instead we found a wine bar where we could sample a couple of Argentine wines. Out of fear of being able to fit stuff in my luggage, I only purchased 1 bottle of wine.

Nicole took me to a restaurant on the 19th floor of a building. Great views. Expensive food. It was our most expensive meal - 65 pesos each. Actually it wasn't that bad, only $17 each.

We wandered through town and visited another wine bar. More fun to look and taste than to buy!

It was INCREDIBLY humid today. In the subway station I felt like there was no oxygen. Just when I thought it couldn't get hotter, the doors to the subway train opened. It was like stepping in to a hot box! I appreciate the DRY heat of Redding.

We had our daily dose of ice cream and then went home to make dinner and watch a movie!

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